The Red Model Remake

The Red Model Remake is a project i've made for a university exam. I had to choose a Magritte's artwork and produce a remake of it using Photoshop. After a quick brief, i shot the required pictures and then I had a lot of fun playing in Photoshop to reach this result! I hope you will enjoy it!

The Red Model, 1935
«Il problema delle scarpe dimostra come le cose più barbare passino per accettabili in virtù della forza dell’abitudine. Si sente, grazie al <modèle rouge> che l’unione d’un piede umano e d’una scarpa di cuoio nasce in realtà da un’usanza mostruosa.»
René Magritte
Original artwork of René Magritte
Remake like the original
Remake n° 2 -  Winter Edition
Personal Interpretation 
Official remake making of
Winter edition making of
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